Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Crafts That Will Blow Your Mind. . . Verging on a Nerdy Theme

I have a special section of my craft links tagged "amazing". These are things that I just can't imagine making due to their size, general tediousness, or the level of skill necessary. For some reason I can't quite understand, it also tends toward the nerdy. Here's a pick of the bunch:

This cross-stitched Mario Brothers 3 map is the culmination of my childhood "work" in a wall hanging format. In fact, just thinking about how long I stared at that screen is mind blowing. What takes it to another level is knowing that every pixel is a cross-stitch. (And oh man, while "researching" for this post, I found a website where you can play it online !)
This polymer clay version of a Wendy's chicken meal with its intense attention to detail looks good enough to eat, but believe it or not, it's smaller than the palm of your hand.

Amigurumi are by definition "cute", and this amigurumi-style Gimli from Lord of the Rings is no exception. This crafter went so far as to make the entire cast of The Fellowship of the Ring in amigurumi, complete with felt clothing and accessories. And that's where the amazing comes in. If you want to attempt your own Gimli or a hobbit, she offers a free pattern.

18th Century Ballgown made out of plastic . Enough said. But if that isn't quite enough for you,  the creator has a blog post about "The Birth of a Plastic Ball Gown" .

Finally . . .
RELEASE THE KRAKEN! There is nothing that can be wrong about a giant (Super Mario style) kraken.  


  1. Holy crap, that plastic ballgown is awesome. I also really want Wendys right now, lol. The craftiest I ever get is a pair of knitted socks, these are way too intimidating. But really, really cool.

  2. Okay that Mario Bros cross-stitch made my head hurt. I can't imagine the years of my life it would take to do that. The ball gown is pretty cool though. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. I really love the ballgown as well! I am so not a creative person and it blows me away when I see what people can do with a little time (or, I guess, a lot of time in some cases!)

  4. Those are just crazy! I can't imagine the time to do stuff like that. I take forever on the "normal" crafty projects I do.

  5. I love the Mario brothers cross stitch, but can't imagine making it - though I used to do cross stitch and crewel embroidery too.
    Now, I have enough trouble seeing the computer screen :)

  6. LOL, beautiful artwork, incidently any tips on how to make a skull cap (its a helmet) would be greatly appreciated. I'm making a special bear and can't figure out how to do the helmet.

  7. I think I'll stick to quilting. And why do the Wendy's food bits all have silver rings in their tops??? LOL

  8. The sheer scope of the Mario cross-stich kind of makes me want to attempt it, even though I don't actually like doing cross stitch. It would probably be a very poor plan.

    FT: Hm.. tough one. You could try a) a bit of pleather, carefully shaped & folded; b)Polymer clay like Fimo; c) asking on the boards at

    DB: They're all charms! That way, if you ever wanted a Wendy's charm bracelet, there you go.