Tuesday, December 21, 2010

6 Last-Minute Crafted Gift Ideas

If you have a few hours to spare, a few more gifts to get, and a strong desire to avoid the mall, here are a few simple crafted gift ideas.

#1) Shrinky Dink Pins
You need: shrink plastic (AKA Shrinky Dink) sheets, pins, Sharpie markers and/or pencil crayon

#2)  Reusable Grocery Bag *
You need: something to use as fabric; basic sewing skills

#3) Cinnamon Candles
You need: candles, cinnmon sticks, pretty twine/ribbon, brown "ouchless" hair elastics

#4) Ribbon Wrapped Bangles
You need: a cardboard ring (possibly a piece of a Pringles can), ribbon, cotton batting/felt/other cushy stuff for a lining, a really good glue

You need: pretty placemat, ribbon, perhaps other trim; really basic sewing skills

You need: cardboard, packing tape, decoration material (for faux woodgrain like above: construction paper, markers, & Mod Podge)

*Photo courtesy of JentheMeister on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/jenthemeister/


  1. I really like the candles and the tiny pins...very cute. I'm not much of a crafty person but I can appreciate how simple it would be to put this kind of stuff together...perhaps in another lifetime I'll be motivated enough to do it!

  2. Some wonderful idea's there Angela. What I'm doing is saving the tins from Christmas Sweet boxes (the huge ons with Quality Street, Celebrations, Roses etc) so that next year I can make Christmas cakes for everyone as well as some cookies. I'm also saving the large jars that coffee comes in (theyre the Dowe Egberts ones) so that I can fill them with either pickles or homemade jam/marmalde/chutney.

    Whilst no real use this year its a goreat one for next. LOL

  3. Great crafting ideas Jess. I love the candles and the makeup roll, and the bangles...so creative!! Nice ideas and nicely presented here. You need to do a crafting book!! :)

  4. I could see myself doing the bangles and the magazine box. Pat's right, you should do a crafting book. :)

  5. Ah, I couldn't do a crafting book. I'm just good at finding things on the internet! (These are not actually my projects....)