Saturday, January 1, 2011

Books Read in 2010, Genre Break Down

For most of the year*, I was keeping track of my reading by genre. Here's the list:

21 Adult Urban Fantasy
21 Regency Romance
11 YA Urban Fantasy
5 Victorian Romance
5 Travel Books
5 YA Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic
4 Food-Related
3 Alternate History
3 MG Fantasy (okay, they were all Harry Potter books)
2 Crafty Books
2 Anthologies (urban fantasy, Regency romance)
1 Mystery
1 YA Historical
1 Graphic Novel
1 Adult Post-Apocalyptic
GRAND TOTAL: 86 books*

Big themes: If I make a couple combinations, I get 32 urban fantasy and 26 historical romance. Unsurprising on the urban fantasy front, since it's been "my" genre for a while. The historical romance? I only got into them in the summer. They. Are. Addictive.

What's Missing? I  browsed through more than 2 crafty books, but I wasn't counting them unless I read them cover-to-cover. This is also true with some travel books (like guidebooks). Though I do sometimes read guidebooks cover-to-cover. . .

Predictions for 2011: 
  • Similar numbers for urban fantasy, historical romance, foodie, crafty, and travel.
  • More apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic - I'm on the hunt for some more on the end of the world.  
  • More mysteries, since I have a list of cozies I want to try (even though murders give me nightmares) 
  • More non-fiction in general, particularly books on language, writing and international issues.
  • A possible dive back into historical fiction and traditional fantasy, particularly fairy tales. I had been burned out on these genres in the past, but it might be time to get back to them.
Did your 2010 genre reading come out the way you expected? What do you predict for 2011?

* Not incuding February and March, when I was apparently too busy to write down what I read. Who knows what I might have been reading then!


  1. I don't know the exact genre break down, but I did read 56 books last year. (And I wrote three not to mention a ton of other stuff. Slows my reading down a little, but so worth it)

    I know Urban Fantasy was the highest. Probably 45 of the 56 were UF. The rest were probably another sub genre of fantasy or science fiction. Oh, I read two dog books.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. To be honest I always tend to get shocked by the reading I tend to do. Im not sure how mine breaks down (only because of the fact that if I were to look into it I'd be going through a few hundred titles.)

    Great addition to see though so I might see about breaking it down to find out how many books I go through in 2011 by adding a new seperate keyword.

  3. Julie, I think writing 3 books makes up for something!

    And I agree that finding going through to find genre after the fact would be a pain. If I hadn't been recording genre through the year, it would have been too tricky! (And that's even with my 86, let alone hundreds....)

  4. I haven't kept a list, but I'm betting my reads were mostly urban fantasy, too. In 2011, I'm going to try and actually keep track.

  5. For my part, I've read many short fiction anthologies - some even lit, which isn't my preferred genre, not that it's considered one...
    For 2011, the Harry Potter series. I know, I know, I was waiting for the movies to have all come out instead of reading them first. Way to go backwards :)

  6. Livy/Anne - my goal this year is to FINISH the Harry Potter series. Those three books were actually the first three, since I hadn't read them yet (but I love the movies!)

  7. I haven't read as many as you Jess, but that's quite a list. Also, I'm one of the few who haven't read the HP books either. I'll get to them one day. I still have 11 on my TBR pile on my nightstand, and keep adding, so it never seems to get any smaller. I hope to get to a few at some point. More writing too. :)

  8. Hmmm... rough count for me is 64, though I really haven't been keeping track. I counted the books I have sitting loose that I remember reading this year.