Sunday, March 6, 2011

Handcrafted Roundup: 8 Apocalyptic Things to Buy

Everyone in the crafty world seems to love the apocalypse. Got to say, I think it's kind of awesome. Here's a roundup of eight interesting apocalyptic things you can buy from Etsy and beyond.

From the Beanforest shop on Etsy, which also has a lot of other amusing buttons. I've bought a couple.

"Protection" by 57thirtythree, interesting designs all made in the US.
One of the many haunting landscapes from gothicrow.

A Biohazard printed tie, also on Etsy.

Art from a comic by Mark Rudolph, "We did it. . . we blew it up"

My one non-Etsy selection, the "End" t-shirt from Threadless. (I adore Threadless' collection of art-on-shirts!)

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  1. Thanks Jess for including the Protection shirt. 5733 <3 jessdoesstuff!