Thursday, January 2, 2014

Changes for 2014, and More '30 Before 30' Items

Something's up at my blog. Can you see it?

It's. . . oh gosh, I'm dismantling almost everything. But it's all because something super fab is on the horizon! 

This blog, though. We've been together for a long time. I'm not ready to part ways yet. So it's sticking around, in the format of a personal challenge blog. My 30 Before 30 is the big goal list right now. Only a year and a month until my time runs out! And there are always other things that come up. My posts which still remain are challenges, books, and a few links or lists that seem to be especially enjoyed.

30 Before 30 Accomplishments

I killed two birds with one stone, but it was a really big stone (a boulder?). 

11. Visit at least one country I've never been to
20. Volunteer in Africa

Both of these were accomplished with a 3-month internship in Ghana, part of Western Africa. I saw things in the country ranging from mud and thatch villages to multi-coloured ultra-modern high-rises. From rainforests to crashing ocean waves to leisurely rivers to dusty plains. Things historical, natural, cultural, and almost always colourful, and always accompanied by the really welcoming Ghanaian people. And I talked a whole lot about the experience here:

Now, what will my blog's future hold? Very soon, a post on 2013 reading; I can never miss that. And more 30 Before 30 items. And. . .  stay tuned for the new project!

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