About Jessica

Jessica Peter is a Master's student in Social Work by day, but her other obsessions are writing, reading, crafting, and travel. Though she loves to read and write about the creepy and paranormal, she's terrified of ghosts and cemeteries. Her dreams often end with the apocalypse, and her writing has also taken a distinctly apocalyptic bent. She'll never turn down a good - or, for that matter, a bad - zombie or disaster movie.

Vivid landscapes and fascinating settings are as important to her travel as to her writing. She's travelled quite a bit, but it's never enough. Her favourite things to seek out around the world are busking bands, street art, and markets.

In her downtime, if she's not curled up with a book or typing madly at the computer, she keeps busy with crafting and DIY. Jessica considers herself a jack-of-all-crafts, master-of-none, though sewing, t-shirt stencilling, embroidery, ATCs, and reconstructions tend to take the lead.

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada is Jessica's hometown, and she's passionate about her sometimes gritty, ex-Steel City. The steel mills may be shut down, but as the shirts say, "Art is the New Steel." She's thrilled to be able to consider herself one of Hamilton's creative people, and hopes to be part of the wave to reinvigorate the city.