Novels in Progress

The Deadly Nightshades #1: Living Deadly

Dark yet humorous adult urban fantasy about a group of kick-ass biker chicks and the supernatural plots they fall into. Set in my gritty hometown of Hamilton, Ontario. Book #1, LIVING DEADLY is in progress, and see protagonist Poppy, who can communicate with animals, stumbling over issues as the Deadlys suddenly find out the supernatural really exists (and she's not just insane) when her best pal Laurel turns into a were-bison. 

Desolation State
A post-apocalyptic steampunk romance based on the myth of Cupid and Psyche. Completed and edited. Intended as the first of a trilogy, with interconnected characters and their already dystopian society crumbling into anarchy. In the bad way. This one won first prize in its category in Colorado Romance Writers' Heart of the Rockies contest! I'm considering re-writing it, writing the next ones, and. . . pursuing self-publication? Perhaps. 


YA Urban Fantasy about the Wild Hunt and some seriously haunted ruins. Think Welsh folklore meets Final Destination. Written, edited, and queried to several agents. . . oh gosh why. It was my first novel, what can I say. After DN #1 is done, I'm going to be tackling this MoFo. It has a lot of promise, really. It just needs... More horrible deaths! Less romance subplot! To be brought in REAL CLOSE so it'll break my heroine's heart! Sorry Abby, but it's gotta be that way.